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Raising the standard for healthcare, with YOU at our core 


Serving newborns to seniors

Holistic healthcare clinic with same-day appointments, payment assistance, and affordable, specialized treatment

1st integrative clinic providing EMDR in our community

Now offering peer support!

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Proudly Accepting Most Insurance Plans

The One Cross Health Team is shifting the standards of solutions by providing comprehensive, reliable, patient-centered care that treats the whole person regardless of one’s economic status.

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Here, you’re not treated like a number, but respected and protected for ALL that you are.


putting a weak bandaid on one part of your health concerns, and rushing you out of the clinic with your new prescription cost 

prescribing a treatment plan you have no say in

denying patients based on economic challenges

hosting cold, stressful, overwhelming environments 

failing to meet patients where they are due to an inconvenient, inaccessible location

one cross

carefully treating your whole person with a sustainable solution, through discovering the root cause

employing the care team that’s right for you to co-create a tailored treatment plan that works for you, with you

providing free essential services, a sliding fee scale, and discounts to ensure no patient is denied access to care due to their inability to pay

prioritizing a warm, empowering environment of friendly, reliable staff, because your wellbeing deserves the careful attention of those committed to excellence, fighting for your solution

promoting equitable access for our local community at a convenient location

Transform Your Healthcare Clinic Experience & Add Years On Your Life With Your One Cross Health Allies 

Meet One Cross Founder, Kim McKenna, MSN, APRN

One Cross was founded on the belief that HEALTHCARE IS A HUMAN RIGHT.

We believe in a higher quality of care that treats the whole person. We believe ALL our patients and staff deserve to be heard, and have voices for a reason. We believe in teamwork, and moving with the compassionate power of both mind and heart. We believe healthcare centers should be physically clean, not spiritually sterile. We believe clinics should be warm, culture-rich and colorful. We believe the professionals you’re receiving care from should make you smile.

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