Our Story

In 2000, after working as a nurse practitioner for many years, God began to stir in my heart that there was something missing in the care that was given at most of the places that I worked. Emphasis was placed on numbers and algorithms of care rather that the care of the individual person. There was a lack of whole person care especially for those who are under resourced. My passion continued to grow, and it was at this time that I found an organization, Christian Community Health Fellowship, that shared my heart in caring for the under resourced and the whole person. CCHF had a commitment to live out the gospel of Christ through health care among the poor. I knew that God had a plan for me to work toward better care for all individuals in my community of Campbellsville and I began looking for like-minded believers that shared a passion for showing the love of Christ through healthcare. I attended conferences annually and connected with those who worked to uphold the vision of Christ-driven, compassionate, Gospel-centered healthcare to the broken and hurting. I went to seminar after seminar on how to open a clinic of this sort. There was just one problem, every seminar talked about the need for a Physician Champion to begin the clinic.

The dream of One Cross Campbellsville Clinic was born out of much prayer and fasting. It was to be a clinic that would provide excellent general health care to all it served while sharing the love of Jesus Christ with all who walked through the doors. In 2010, One Cross got its name and plans began to form to pursue the vision God had revealed. I began to search for the Physician champion that I needed to help establish the vision that God had given me. Through many trials, Interactions, committees, board creation, and help from an organization ECHO (Empowering Church Health Outreach) to help establish a structure for the clinic, I failed to find the Physician champion that it needed to succeed and open. By 2013 I was crushed by the adversities, time spent, and the impasses we could not seem to get past and decided to lay my dream to rest.

Early 2014 a beloved pastor friend of mine Pastor Gillespie came to see me at the clinic I was working at. He had been in prayer with me many years before when the dream of opening One Cross Campbellsville Clinic was still alive. He Prayed many times with me, and we had lengthy discussions on the need for whole person, Christ Centered care in our region. He also prayed with me during the hard decision to put the dream of One Cross Campbellsville Clinic to rest. God had put it on his heart this day to come and tell me that I should reviving the vision that God had given me and to seek God in prayer about the matter. With an old wound now opened I told my beloved friend that I did not think it was to be but that I would pray about it. As I prayed God once again ignited a passion in me to continue the work that had been started in creating the dream of opening One Cross Campbellsville clinic. With this passion he gave me an urgency that the clinic was to be open soon. God then gave me the courage to proceed with the vision without the Physician champion that I thought that I needed.

In 2014, God gave me a timetable: the clinic was to be open by January 1, 2015. Through many trials, God always provided and made a way where there seemed to be none. One January 5, 2015 One Cross Medical Clinic opened its doors and arms to embrace the community of Campbellsville, KY with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

I know that it is only by the grace of God that One Cross Campbellsville Clinic is now a thriving, growing medical office offering comprehensive general medical care. We continue to work to find the needs of the community and seek to serve those needs as we, by grace, work to see God’s vision flourish.

In looking at the needs of Campbellsville, God has made a way for us to add Christian counseling services within our clinic. As we seek to care for the whole person in health, we know that emotional wellbeing is a large part of physical health. Acute and Chronic illness are often the result of longstanding unhealthy behaviors and habits (physical, mental, and emotional) compounded by stress. Our behavioral health services can help to cultivate healthy behaviors and habits and manage stress. We are also able to manage many other mental health conditions.
Through our affiliation with the Kentucky Primary Care Association we have participated in a project in partnership with the Hazeldon Betty Ford Foundation to improve our services to care for those struggling with addiction. This foundation has brought One Cross Campbellsville Clinic education to care for the families that struggle with addiction. We now offer Medical Assisted Treatments in our clinic as part of primary care. Through the KORE grant we were blessed to add Peer Support services to help those struggling with addiction.

In our Desire to improve the outcomes of our patients who have Diabetes One Cross Campbellsville Clinic has Partnered with the University of Kentucky’s Diabetes Collaborative. This Collaborative offers high quality education and resources to better serve our patients with this debilitating chronic illness.

As One Cross Clinic continues to care for the community of Campbellsville, we will always seek to find the needs of the community and meet those needs with excellence. Our mission is with the love of Christ One Cross Clinic will offer high quality health care of body, mind, and spirit to all we serve, because Jesus is The Healer.

We believe that in the coming years, God will do “…exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask for or think…” (Ephesians 3:20) He has proven himself time and time again. Now, “Lets hold fast the confession our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful” (Hebrews 10:23).