The Best Primary Care : What Healthcare Should Be

Let Us Provide for Your Whole Family!

Centrally located in the heart of rural Kentucky and catering to communities within and around Campbellville, One Cross Community Health Center is your one-stop clinic providing comprehensive wellness to those most in need.

We offer personalized solutions fashioned to fit the health requirements of you and your family while accommodating a variety of payment options. Regardless of your insurance situation, One Cross Community to delivering guaranteed exceptional care. Our conviction is that superior healthcare should always be within feasible reach.

Our extensive team of specialized healthcare professionals collaboratively bring their diverse skills to ensure you and your family receive exceptional care a a pricewell within your budget.

At the One Cross Community Health Center, we cultivate an environment that manifests familiarity and trust by facilitating a continuous therapeutic relationship with your physician. Utilizing integrative healthcare approach our dedicated team promotes a healthy family life by addressing physical ailments, mind tranquility, and spiritual nourishment.

We stand ready to serve you and your family with total wellness care in a friendly, warm ambiance. Rest assured knowing that regardless of your health needs, we are abundantly equipped and eager to provide exactly what will best ensure your wellness.

Trust the difference that stems from having a complete in-house team of experts catering to you. Our seasoned staff champions a holistic approach, delivering increased healing and renewed hope across various areas such as: Family Medical Services, General Healthcare, Geritric and Pediatric Care, Immunizations and Lab Testing, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Addiction Treatment and Recovery Programs, Acute and Chronic Care Management, Minor Ambulatory Procedures, Holistic Consultations, and Chronic Disease Management.

With extended and flexible hours, we strive to accommodate all your requirements according to your convenience. You’re welcome to call and schedule an appointment at any time, or simply walk in unannounced. At One Cross Community Health Center, every step of your journey towards achieving total wellness is our utmost priority.