At One Cross Medical we have worked through five years to develop the right and most efficient healthcare programs, because we want to provide every single individual in our community the best experience when they visit our Urgent Clinic Campbellsville. We have work we various professionals in order to create programs that will tackle any needs that you may have regarding your physical or psychological health. Our founder’s dream was to provide excellent healthcare to everyone that walks through the doors of our installations while also sharing the love of Jesus. Being is the reason why we have our main core values based upon honesty and integrity so that we can again our patients trust and create an excellent relationship.

Our Urgent Clinic Campbellsville makes sure to solve every single problem that our patients may have in the most efficient and loving way. This is the reason why our staff is well trained and willing to teach everyone who has an aging family member the right techniques to take care of them effectively. Because we believe that healing is achieved through hope and compassionate care, we are able to solve any problems that you may have regarding your grandparent or aging family member’s disability or aging diseases. We promise that you will get efficient techniques that will tackle any physical or psychological need that your family member may have.

We have proudly been serving our community with the program of vaccine for kids so that we can achieve the goal of getting every kid in a vaccinated in our Urgent Clinic Campbellsville. We have been able to reach this goal the fact that we work with various insurance carriers like Medicare and Medicaid, as well as most private insurance plans so that we can get there immunizations up-to-date at no charge or with a greatly discounted price. We have been able to work closely with CDC to advise them with travel day and pre travel care as well as any pretravel vaccination that the you may need in order to prevent any illnesses from happening during the travel period.

We are also happy to say that we have been providing our community with addiction treatment programs and behavioral health services so that we can help them achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. Through these programs we offer comprehensive care to each and every single person that we serve, by help them create healthy coping mechanisms and habits that will help them manage crises and stress. We also have been able to support families and patients through addiction thanks to our addiction and treatment program that consist on assisting a peer support group every day that will guide them through the path of happiness and health.

If you want to find additional information about our services you can call us at our number 270-789-0034 and one of her customer service representative will be happy to answer any medical questions that you may have. You can also visit our website to schedule your first visit for our mental health and addiction treatment.

We Are The Best Urgent Clinic Campbellsville Has.


At One Cross Medical we have as our priority to serve efficient treatments that will be able to tackle any mean that our patients may have in our Urgent Clinic Campbellsville. Our services focuses on family medical care, diabetes care, mental health assistance, and addiction treatment. Our fund founder believes that we should provide every single one of her patients and excellent general health experience filled with love and comprehensive care. We have worked really hard throughout the years so that every single member of our community gets the attention and help that they need.

With our vaccine for kids program we have been able to help children in our community to get their vaccinations up-to-date at our Urgent Clinic Campbellsville. This program is federally funded, making it easier for their parents or legal guardians to get their children immunizations at no cost or the very reduced price. Thanks to this program we have been able to provide vaccines to all kids throughout five years. We also have a trained staff that is able to teach you the right techniques to take care of an elderly family member who lives in your household. With these techniques you will be able to take care of them efficiently regarding of their disabilities or difficulties.

At our Urgent Clinic Campbellsville you will be shown how we are the best installment if you want to find an effective treatment around the area of Campbellsville, Kentucky. We have worked through many years to spread hope and compassionate care that will be able to reach healing for many issues regarding physical or psychological health. We have an amazing program that focuses on helping our patients that suffer from mental health issues or substance abuse. With our addiction treatment, you will be able to meet with a support group every day in order to be guided through the path of happier and healthier lifestyle.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or bipolar disease, make sure you visit us as we will have a professional counselor that will provide the essential help that you need in order to create healthy coping mechanisms and habits that will help you manage crisis and stress through loving and compassionate care. We offer an approach that will prevent and manage stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illnesses, and other mental health conditions to make sure that we cover in the psychological need that you or anyone in your family may have.

If you have any questions regarding our medical programs or our pricing as well as if you want to find which insurance carriers we accept, feel free to visit our website and define detail information regarding our services. You can also give us a call at our number 270-789-0034 on Mondays from 8:30 AM to 6 PM or anywhere from Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM in one of her customer service representative will be glad to answer any question or concern that you may have. We also offer a 24/7 after our care in case you need to reach us during after hours.