When you’re looking for an urgent care clinic Campbellsville KY, we would love to help. We strive to make people feel better when they come in. Our purpose is to serve underprivileged people with high quality healthcare. At One Cross Medical Clinic when I offered to help you feel loved, taking care of, and know that you have the best quality of customer service and people that care about you. We are a Christ driven clinic, what I help you feel better not just physically but also mentally emotionally and spiritually. We are here to serve you, so you’ll be able to feel better, and be able to walk out of here a lot happier, healthier, and better than when he showed up.

Urgent care clinic campbellsville KY, works closely and diligently with the CDC in order to recommend travel advice, and travel medication as recommended. Our goal is to keep you and others around you safe. We also offer preemployment exams and travel exams. Help give you the best service possible, be able to provide healthcare services to you. We want to be your number one urgent care clinic that you go to. We offer all the way from family medical care, women’s healthcare, elderly, and pediatrics all the way to all mental health care. We know what it’s like to be in a situation where it’s hard to receive healthcare, therefore we want to be the one to go to, because we can help make it possible.

I have a full-service lab, and you be able to see with test results right after the doctor sees it, immediately. We believe that there your results so you have to wait to see them. In fact, if you get on our app, HEALOW. Not only can you see your lab and test results immediately, can also see your entire medical record in history, talk to healthcare providers, be able to set up consultations and tele-visits. You’ll be able to see any past medicine and current medicine information and be able to request refills from your provider. You be able to schedule and view any upcoming future appointments. During all this is available to you 24 seven a day and seven days a week. All the comfort and privacy of your own home. No more having to sit there and wait on the phone on hold for hours, you can do it in the matter of minutes, maybe even seconds.

We don’t see you just as a patient to us. We see is a person, a Urgent Care Clinic Campbellsville KY person with in everyday life and a family. Therefore we want to help you become the healthiest he can be say you can go and enjoy your life and your family.

If you have any questions comments concerns, don’t be afraid contact us at any time. We are here to serve you. You can always reach us by our website. I website is onecrosshealth.com. Course if you’d rather reach us by phone, a phone number is 270-789-0034. And as stated before you can always reach us a straight there are app. Our app is called HEALOW. It is available on the play store and Apple Store. Ready for your use. If you have any questions concerns we look forward to putting those to rest. Look forward to meeting you and having a professional and personal relationship with you.

What Will the Urgent Care Clinic Campbellsville KY Help You Through?


We are a Christ driven urgent care clinic Campbellsville KY. We are here to serve you we believe our purpose is to fund with the best high quality healthcare we can provide. We accept most insurances, that includes Medicare and Medicaid. We hope to restore hope, have a hostile ballistic approach, and enhance healing. We offer solid stylistic and natural alternatives versus the conventional medicine for treatment such as diabetes, high cholesterol, anxiety, and depression, and so much more.

We don’t see it just as a patient, but as a person. That being said, we have a holistic approach. Meaning, we don’t want to just help heal your physical body, but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual body. We want to help all the aspects of your wellness, and help you heal yourself as a whole person. we want you coming out of our urgent care clinic Campbellsville KY feeling fresh, renewed, and healthy.

We offer a huge variety of different services, one of the ones we like to focus on is our peer support program for our addiction and recovery patients. We are open weekdays, the evenings, and even weekends. We try to make ourselves regularly available to help serve you. Our program offers assistance in obtaining housing, transportation, and job assistance. We also offer more extensive help such as inpatient rehabilitation, medical and behavioral therapies. We know how difficult over time this can be, we want to help make it easier to can be.

We have a new medical app out currently, for our urgent care clinic Campbellsville Kentucky. The app is called HEALOW. We designed it to give you the best customer service. Now you don’t have to wait hours on the phone on hold trying to contact someone for one question, are app offers an abundance of different services, such as being able to see lab and test results immediately seen your entire Urgent Care Clinic Campbellsville KY medical record on file, being able to talk to a healthcare provider. Being able to set up consultations and tele-visits. Seeing all of your current and past medicine information, and being able to request for refills. You be able to view and schedule any future appointments you may need. We made this especially for consumers, so they can be in the comfort of their own home, and it’s available 24 hours a day seven days a week. The best part is it is completely free to use!

Any questions comments concerns, don’t be afraid to reach out to us. We can always reach out to us on our website. our websit is onecrosshealth.com, of course if you’d rather contact us by phone number, her phone number is 270-789-0034. And like stated before, you can always reach out through our app; HEALOW. It is available for download through the play and apple store. We look forward to meeting with you and having a professional and personal relationship with you. We care, and we want to show you.