Here at Urgent Care Clinic Campbellsville KY and One Cross Medical Clinic we give back to those in need whether it’s traveling internationally or just you know having a monthly don’t the dollar amount donation to where we give back to Samaritan’s purse work actually supplies emergency needs the churches as well as mission agencies all across the country and even internationally. Is an important task to be able to always make sure they were getting back as much as possible to be able to allow people to be able to work in the field as well as have passion for the mission to help other people as well as making sure that this get that program can deftly be a proud sponsor that vehicle company can be a proud sponsor of this organization.

If you want to nail more about the organizations that we get back to Urgent Care Clinic Campbellsville KY be deftly be led to be able to share our passion for it Nelson making sure that we can tell you more about the mission projects that include international crisis response to either disaster natural disasters can also we want to be able to make sure they were able to help Samaritan’s purse with the help of us here at One Cross Medical Clinic to be able to provide food water shelter medicine whatever is needed and also spreading the love of Christ to those in need.

We here at One Cross Medical Clinic and as well as Urgent Care Clinic Campbellsville KY find it’s always important to be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus and be able to provide medical staff as well as personnel with the right equipment to be able to have as many people as possible. Just about make you should we can promote healing both spiritually and physically across the nation as well as internationally. And that’s why it’s always important that we can hear also help other organizations and other clinics be able to offer high-quality healthcare for both mind body and soul and spirit and also everything it serves. So if you want to be able to know or maybe like to be able to help our company actually per partner with this great organization can actually give online or know more about you giving options.

And herewith One Cross Medical Clinic we feel that it’s always being a part of our nature to be able to be you know reaching out to the community as well as internationally to be the hands and feet of Jesus to not only provide healthcare for the comedic towns and communities in our area but also this nation as well as internationally to her health care is very little.

So call today here with our company by the name of One Cross Medical Clinic where we always provide top healthcare that you need especially in the county community of Kentucky and more specifically can Campbellsville. And we also to be a clinic that can also serve the end are underserved. No matter your race or gender or rich or poor you want to be able to serve you and we want to be able to serve you like Jesus did. To cost a for more information about us. By calling 270-789-0034 or by going to

How Can You Learn About Our Urgent Care Clinic Campbellsville KY?

If you’re looking for a Urgent Care Clinic Campbellsville KY that can perform services that are committed to excellence right here in the state or the wonderful town of Campbellsville Kentucky with a variety of services that will not only help your physical health but your whole person which include your mind and your spirit contact One Cross Medical Clinic today. Because we deftly have a variety of health services ready to serve you thought for all your healthcare needs.

We got to stay if you’re looking to be able to understand whether or not we accept most insurance plans. The question answered about is actually we do. We accept Medicare Medicaid numbers and most private insurance plans as well as TRICARE and except the overseas TRICARE. Cause if you have any additional questions or concerns maybe you’re not sure if you should actually come into our clinic or maybe even going to our maybe you should actually consider going to the hospital emergency room. We mainly take care here at Urgent Care Clinic Campbellsville KY to be able to take care to take care of non-life-threatening injuries. But if you’re missing a limb or maybe you have a tree trunk struck through your abdomen or you got shot or stabbed to go to the hospital emergency room.

We also can help deliver general healthcare geriatric care pediatrics immunizations can ask us about our vaccines for kids program as well as work school and travel exams. So if you’re an athlete and they want they require you to be able to get a physical exam we cannot say provide you that with Alan were also working directly with CDC guidelines. Contact us today if you have any questions about our home a path the consultations minor ambulatory procedures or maybe even chronic disease management.

So if you want to be able to know more about our comprehensive holistic pediatric care that we can provide we also can provide you a kid-friendly waiting room so that your kids are not bored waiting around that actually have some educational tools as well as fun to be able to have played before they see the doctor. Also we do provide you pediatrics with acute and chronic condition services as well as any helping kids with anyone who any of your kids that have dealt with experienced trauma or maybe even are currently showing mental health conditions.

So for more about Urgent Care Clinic Campbellsville KY or maybe where to be able to bring your kids for emotional or physical needs especially making sure that your kids are happy healthy emotionally and physically fit contact us here today because we here at One Cross Medical Clinic want to make sure that were helping your kids as was helping you as a parent able to do it any kind of challenges that your kids are facing as well as helping them make healthy choices as well as doing positive self-esteem development and building strong relationships with those people around them. To gives call today here at 270-789-0034 or go to medical website by going to