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Campbellsville Urgent Clinic

What we here at Campbellsville urgent clinic one care medical clinic and offer you is just for more than medical. Actually offer you a holistic approachable to approach the whole person and take care of you mind body and soul. If you’re looking be able to have a general matter, can ask offer you peer support for those struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction or maybe you’re looking to be able to have a place be able to go to get peer support and also individual counseling and family counseling bedeviling you to be able to get an article in today.

Super Campbellsville urgent clinic you want only one place be able to go Campbellsville Kentucky that’s also the highest rate of miserliness can be none of them on Matt one cross medical clinic. We are Christ’s focus and we are gearing and we are guaranteeing our patients be able to get the best care and also the holistic a passing care that they need. And also you can’t really find that anywhere else and we want make sure able to find it here. What are the services provided by one cross medical clinic? While happy urgent care style we also want to make sure they we can also offer you peer support general family services as well as general family medical care pediatric acute care chronic illness care veteran services and so much more.

Was when make sure there go above and beyond especially for the college he did make sure always taken care of every single resident in the Campbellsville surrounding areas. So it doesn’t matter your way of life it doesn’t matter if your man woman it does not matter if you’re fat or short skinny or tall. We want to be able take care’s many people as possible and make sure the reaching out to the community to really be able to provide a whole person approach. So glad gives call today if you have any questions or information.

Because here at Campbellsville Urgent Clinic we are for more than just a medical clinic we are place to be able to go for a safe place to be able to have anyone to help anyone who struggling with drug or alcohol addiction as well as mental health. If you’re currently dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder anxiety depression maybe even bulimia or anorexia we are here to help you. To give us call today for more information if you want to be able to schedule a visit you can do so on our website or you can ask a call to be able schedule.

So for more information about our holistic approach as well as how are and letting every individual in the area not just helping them with their bodily needs but also helping them with their mind until health addiction, as well as their spiritual needs, gives call today for more information by calling 270-789-0034 or go to now to be able to learn more about our urgent care services as well as our peer support.

Are You Looking For The Campbellsville Urgent Clinic?

You never want through medical clinic is can be found right here at Campbellsville urgent clinic. If you want to be able to get more information about us go online or call today to be able schedule a visit with us here at one cross medical clinic. We have quite history which Eppley had gone through trials and tribulations and diversities be able to get this clinic up and running but now we’re doing it and now we are thriving number continuing to be able to great be able to help as many people as possible.

If you have any questions for Campbellsville urgent clinic by the name of one cross medical clinic best thing to do is your caller actually schedule a visit for the morning afternoon to be able to come inter clinic able to see one of our physicians. And we are at one location more specifically we are out when 02 Winston Way, Suite five and Campbellsville Kentucky. And we have one position on staff and we also have nurse practitioners as well as this is a physician’s assistant.

If you’re looking for peer support drug addiction help or maybe looking to be able to get some help for your at posttraumatic stress disorder anxiety depression or you’re just looking for pediatric care for your kids or maybe even elderly care we have you all cover. They still have need that we do not cover. Severely can be able to get all your general family medical care in one place you can find it right here with us here at one cross medical clinic.

It is called maybe looking to be able to get Campbellsville urgent clinic be able to help you a lot hotter medical needs. So actually looking be able to get exactly which one their would maven pay gives call maybe deftly be happy on also be able to write peer support as well as individual and family support and family counseling. So that gives call maybe one able to schedule morning afternoon. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday from 830 in the morning to 5 PM in the evening and we are close on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are actually in need of emergency services do not come to our clinic go immediately to the emergency room. However if you are in a clan in your middle have a patient visit and then your your condition actually worsens then we will make the necessary preparations able to get you to the nearest hospital make sure you get taken care of. But if you have a life-threatening emergency you need be able to go to the emergency room not enter the clinic. Because we are in urgent care clinic and we also are just in the practice constantly when make sure you’re not having to the wrong place be able to get them that you care that you need. So gives call today at 270-789-0034 or go to