This Campbellsville Urgent Clinic has been a continuous great addition to the area of Campbellsville Kentucky. And we want to make sure that we as a clinic are able to be accessible to all people of all shapes and sizes as well as economic backgrounds. We don’t want to be a clinic that turns people away. Everyone make sure able to be here to be able to handle your nonemergency situations. If you think you have a nonemergency income Anand and letter providers look out for you but if it actually is an emergency room able to get you sent over to the hospital emergency room as soon as possible. Of course we as a clinic always make sure that were able to help people whenever they need us.

The Campbellsville Urgent Clinic that people are talking about as one is the best and most amazing atmospheres is and one called one cross health clinic. They truly are wanting to be a blessing to the community to help people out as well as being able to help people who are dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. Ask about our treatments that were able to write in partnership with Betty Ford foundation. And we always make sure that were able to help people mind body and soul. Because we want to make sure that when someone remembers being cared for by her team here one cross health clinic may also make sure that able to look back and see that’s we can make a difference.

The Campbellsville Urgent Clinic has everything you need and we always make sure that you know that we are solely focused on helping their patients. And will make sure that the moment you walk into a door you always to be greeted and feel feeling welcome by our team. The name plays a we want make sure are always super kind. And even if it’s your first time you’ll definitely want to come back just due to the abilities that they have to provide energy and enthusiasm for their patients. So do not wait. If you are need to the area and you just want to know exactly what health clinics are in the area check out one cross health clinic.

And we are always applies to help you in that a wet and will make sure that we are also giving back to the community of Campbellsville and the surrounding areas. So if you’d like more information about that is what were doing to get back to the community and how you to take part just by visiting our clinic and we be more than happy to gauge information and of course we have information on a website as well.

Call one cross health clinic today if you want to come in for a virtual or in person health check. The phone number for our clinic is (270) 789-0034 and you also go to our website to see the services offered by clinic and so much more. The website is

Campbellsville Urgent Clinic | Lot Going to the Doctor

You will love going to the doctor from now on when to visit this Campbellsville Urgent Clinic by the name of one cross health clinic. Located at 102 Winston Way suite number five and Campbellsville Kentucky we have been able to cater to people of all backgrounds and ensuring that there able to get the best service. Reach out analyses had a lovely to make sure they would’ve at the best service as well as always providing the most compassionate care. No one should ever feel like they can’t get the care that they need. And here with one cross health clinic we want to ensure that everybody of all backgrounds is able to do so.

The Campbellsville Urgent Clinic is here to stay in we obviously will make sure able to help people no matter what. Reach out to our team to learn more about what we can do to make sure they are able to get wise and compassionate health providers that put their patients first and also the ability to share the gospel of Christ. We want make sure that we able to treat people the way Jesus taught us as well as always helping the sick and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Contactor team not to know more about our services and what we can do to help.

The Campbellsville Urgent Clinic has everything that a clinic needs to take care patients of all shapes and sizes as well as age ranges. We have the blood to provide family care as well as diabetic care and even offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment. If you like to know more information about that or maybe actually know someone in your family or maybe a close friend that wants to be able to heal from addiction send them to one cross health clinic.

We are on top of our game here at one cross health clinic. Because people have noticed that we not only treat the symptoms that we also treat the person. We always make sure people feel that they are cared for and that someone knows who they are and treat them like a human being and not just another symptom. Reach out to one cross health clinic today to find out more about what steps you can take to be able to come visit our clinic whether in person or virtually fewer virtual visit.

Call (270) 789-0034 or go to You no longer have to dread going to the doctor for checkups or any additional health issues. Because going to the doctor or going to one cross health clinic will be highlight of your week.