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We believe in offering the absolute best to our clients here at Campbellsville Counseling. We partner with the absolute best to stay up-to-date on all new medical professions while believing in our higher power that Jesus is healing. We believe in putting our client first, as a whole person, rather than just seeing them as a number on our chart. This is a client will provide excellent general health care to all it serves while sharing the love of Jesus Christ with all the doors.

The needs of Campbellsville Counseling, God has made way for us to add Christian counseling services with in our clinic. As we seek to care for the whole person and health, we know that emotional well-being is a large part of physical health. Acute and chronic illnesses are often the result of long-standing unhealthy behaviors and habits, and by stress. This can be arranged from anything physical, mental, and emotional. Our behavioral health services can help to cultivate healthy behaviors and habits and manage stress. We are also able to manage many other mental health conditions.

Campbellsville Counseling through our affiliation with the Kentucky primary care Association has been able to participate in a project in partnership with the Hazledon Betty Ford foundation. This helps improve our services to care for the struggling with addiction. This foundation has brought our clinic education to care for the families that struggle with addiction. We now offer medical assistant treatments in our clinic as part of our primary care. Through the KORE grant we are blessed to add peer support services to help those struggling with addiction. If you are needing peer support services, please reach out to us and asked to speak with one of our peer support specialist.

In our desire to improve the outcomes of our patients who have diabetes, our clinic has partnered with the University of Kentucky diabetes collaborative. This collaborative offers high-quality education and resources to better serve our patients with this debilitating chronic illness. As our clinic continues to care for our community, we will always seek to find the needs of the community and meet those needs with excellence. Our mission is with the love of Christ our clinic will offer high-quality healthcare of body, mind, and spirit to always serve, because Jesus is the healer. We believe that in the coming years, God will do “… Exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask for or think…” (Ephesians 3:20). He has proven himself time and time again. Now, “let’s hold fast the confession article without wavering, for he promises faithful” (Hebrews 10:23).

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns at our mainline number 270-789-0034. You can call the clinic between the hours of eight and six on Monday, and eight and five Tuesday through Friday. Check us out our online website to see all of our services and more. We look forward to working with you and take care of all your medical, physical, mental, and emotional needs. Better health starts here.

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Our main goal at this to be a clinic that would provide excellent general health care to all it served while sharing the love of Jesus Christ to all those who walk to the doors. We believe in sharing a passion and to show the love of Christ to healthcare. We believe in upholding the vision of Christ driven, compassionate, gospel centered healthcare. We have partnered with individuals that are like-minded and have a commitment to live out the gospel Christ to healthcare among the poor. We believe in caring for the under resourced and the whole Campbellsville Counseling person.

It was our dream at Campbellsville Counseling to be a thriving and growing office offering comprehensive medical care. In looking at the needs of our community, we have added multiple services to our clinic so our clients can see care for the whole person, as well as emotional well-being. We know that emotional well-being is a large part of physical health. We are here to support our clients regardless of any conditions or they are struggling with addiction. We are committed to our clients to provide the absolute best. We believe that our spirituality and compassion are the main force behind us.

We will be honest and uphold a higher standard of integrity here at Campbellsville Counseling. We are here to provide the best overall services whether it’s family medical care or mental health and addiction recovery. We have partnered with companies and foundations that are like-minded with our beliefs. Our caregivers are attentive and work as a team to treat you like family. You’re not just another patient to us. Believe that Christ is the ultimate healer, people can benefit from love and saving grace. We are not here to make you feel like your healthcare journey has left you feeling frustrated. We committed to getting you long-lasting results and treating all your symptoms with the correct medication. We are here to make you feel seen and heard.

Our clinic is the first integrative health clinic in the area. We offer excellent family medical care services including pediatric, elderly care, acute care, chronic care, addiction and recovery care, weight loss, and women’s healthcare. Our model offers counseling counseling and social work services that assist with all areas of mental health including PTSD, anxiety, depression, individual and family counseling, addiction, and recovery. Our commitment to excellence and our clients are our top priority we offer peer support for patient struggling with addiction. In our integrative health model brings holistic care to a new level. That is our guarantee to you.

If you have any medical related questions and need to reach a provider after hours, we offer 24 seven after our care. If you have an emergency after hours, please reach out to your nearest emergency room for care. We offer our peer support throughout the week as well as evenings and weekends to those struggling with addiction. To become a part of our peer support program please make an appointment with a peer support specialist. You can call the clinic between the hours of eight and six on Monday, and eight and five on Tuesday through Friday. Our mainline number is 270-789-0034. For each reach out to us on our online website to look over all of our services and more.