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Our founder, Kimberly McKenna, believed that there is more that could be so she created Campbellsville Counseling. In 2000, after working as a nurse practitioner for many years, God began to stir her heart that there was something missing in the care that was given at most places that she worked. Emphasis was placed on numbers and algorithm of care rather than the care the individual person. There was a lack of whole person care especially for those who are under resourced. Our passion continue to grow, and it was at this time that Kim founded an organization, Christian community health fellowship, that shared her heart and caring for the under resourced and the whole person.

Kim knew that God had a plan for her to work towards better care for all individuals in the community looking for Campbellsville Counseling. She began looking for like-minded believers that shared a passion for showing the love of Christ to healthcare. Treating the conferences annually and connected with those who work to uphold the vision of Christ driven, compassionate, gospel centered healthcare to the broken and hurting. She went to seminar after seminar on how to open a clinic of the sort. This was just one problem, every seminar talked about the need for physician champion to begin the clinic.

The dream of Campbellsville Counseling was born out of much prayer and fasting. It was to be the clinic that would provide excellent general health care to all of Sir Paul sharing the love of Jesus Christ with all who walks to the doors. In 2010 one cross got its name and plans began to form to pursue the vision of God has revealed. We began to search for physician champion that we needed to establish the vision that God had given us. Through many trials, interactions, committees, board creation, and a hold of an organization ECHO to help establish a structure for the clinic, we felt find the physician champion that we needed to succeed and open.

In early 2014, a beloved pastor friend of mine, pastor Gillespie came to see me at the clinic I was working at he prayed many times in me, and we have lengthy discussions on the need for whole person, Christ centered care in our region. God had put it on his heart that day to come and tell me that I should revisit the vision that God had given us about our clinic dream. As we prayed, God once again ignited a passion in us to continue the work that we had started in creating the dream and opening our dreams clinic. With the passion he gave us an urgency that the clinic need to be open soon. God then gave us the cursor proceed with the vision without the physician champion that we thought we needed On January 5, 2015, we open our doors and embrace the community of Campbellsville, Kentucky.

We are now a thriving and growing medical office offering comprehensive general met the goal care. We continue to work to find the needs of the community and seek to serve those as we need, by grace, work to see God’s vision flourish. Feel free to reach out to us anytime on our website Give us a call if you have any questions, comments, or concerns on our mainline 270-789-0034.

Would You Want Some Good Campbellsville Counseling That Can Serve?


We are here to offer you the best Campbellsville Counseling. Our commitment to excellence offers you a model of counseling and social work services that assist with all areas of mental health and PTSD, anxiety, depression, individual and family counseling, addiction, and recovery. We also offer peer support the patient struggling with addiction. We offer our peer support dropped the week as well as evenings and weekends for those with addiction. To become a part of our peer support program please make an appointment with our peer support specialists. Our clinic also cutting services and crisis management services well. If you are interested in our mental health services including crisis management, just call us.

One of the biggest programs we offer here at Campbellsville Counseling’s behavioral health. Acute and chronic illnesses are often the result of long-standing unhealthy behaviors and habits (physical, mental, and emotional), compounded by stress. Our preventative behavioral approach can help you to cultivate healthy behaviors and habits and manage stress skillfully. Our clinic offers a variety of integrative approaches to prevent and manage stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions. We are here will provide you with the absolute best and most up-to-date services when it comes to your mental health.

One approach offered in our Campbellsville Counseling behavioral health services is EMDR. This stands for eye movement depensation and reprocessing. EMDR is held as the most important method to emerge and psychotherapy and decades. It has successfully treated complex psychological illnesses and problems, depression, phobias, reoccurring nightmares, the posttraumatic stress disorder and long-lasting grief. Our clinic is very proud to host one of the few trained professionals in this type of treatment. We also offer a variety of other modalities and helping folks who suffer from depression, ADHD, anxiety, bipolar, and addiction care.

Our clinic has partnered with Hazeldon Betty Ford foundation to offer the best quality integrated addiction treatment in Campbellsville are clinic does everything with excellence of commission point therefore, we chose a partner with the world’s best and most expensive organization in addiction recovery. Hazelden Betty Ford has saving lives and restoring families from substance abuse and addiction for over 70 years. We have a strong desire to restore hope and healing to families in our community that has been affected by alcohol and other drugs. We offer full care support to the client suffering from addiction as well as family support and care. We offer medically assisted treatment to those suffering from addiction, which is the use of medication and behavioral therapies and the person with what beard, and alcohol-related use disorders.

With our peer support care, we help guide participants of the program to healthy living including assisting with obtaining housing, inpatient rehabilitation, transportation, and job assistance amongst other things. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please for free to reach out to us on our mainline 270-789-0034. For a head on over to our website to look over all of our services and to schedule your appointment with us.