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Campbellsville Counseling

Sometimes the best Campbellsville counseling is not only for the people that have been heard by addiction, but the receptors that have been hurt and affected by these behavior. At One Cross Medical Clinic we offered the option off having a program call celebrate recovery. This is a program to help the teens and young children of those adults that have go through any type of addiction. Our main goal is that every person leaves a healthy lifestyle with a great mental and physical health. At the same time we want to guide people into the word of God, this way they will not drift away on the path that God wants them to be in. This is not an easy process, but with support of not only our staff and your loved ones but also with God’s wisdom it will become more bearable.

Our heart as a Campbellsville counseling clinic, we wants a program that will help, empower and guide high-risk youth away from addictive behaviors. We don’t want to see youth falling into the devils mindset and drifting away from the purpose of God. In these programs we are offering coping mechanisms and the love of Christ long before they confronted with these situations. Our programs are made to guide and educate our youth to avoid this future problems. Most of all we want to teach the love of God to equip them with tools to boldly confront their pasts and even deal with the struggles that they are presenting, as well as empowering to make the right positions according to the word of God in the future.

Our Campbellsville counseling clinic has the program call “The landing” which is a recovery student ministry geared towards junior in high school age students. These programs exist so that the kids can fail that they have a safe place where they can process life struggles and even people that might be dealing with the same stuff that they do. Well we are in this program were also teaching them the word of God, that they can know how to handle every situation in the future according to the gospel. In this program we also provide tools to help them live emotionally and spiritually healthy. We also make a very point on teaching them the freedom that it’s found in Jesus Christ.

The second program is called “Celebration Place”. This is a celebrate his celebrate recovery’s children from ages from 5 to 13 years old. This is a cry center ministry that ties the students through lessons. so that they can break the cycle of this functioning this is a program that gives lessons to the children while a spot in large groups of adults. We do this program striving that parents do avoid a dysfunction or destroying off their families. We teach the love of God on how to lock themselves and others while they grow in their own relationship with God. They learned how to cope with tough issues and struggles in the future as well.

If you have any questions or concerns you can call her phone number at 270-789-0034. Our staff will be happy to help and clear out any doubts that you might have. If you want to read more about our company or for more detail about the services and programs that we provide you can also visit our website If you’re ready to make a an appointment you can do it through our website or by calling our phone number.

Campbellsville Counseling

Our Campbellsville counseling staff is committed to give excellence on what we offer. We are committed to give an excellent service with the best professionals that you can imagine. We’re here to fulfill and provide a great help care for all your family needs we do not only promise that we will focus on your physical health but also your mental and spiritual health. Your general health is more beyond just a physical health but also mental and social well-being. You just the absence of a disease but also its a state of having a complete physical, mental, and social well-being. We are working to be an out today and accountable clinic by including great technology that will ensure a great customer service for you and your family.

In order to ensure that we have the best Campbellsville counseling we have programs that will take care of your whole family, no matter how young or old the family member is. Which is why we have created programs personalized for the appropriate and successful results. I was geriatric care it focuses on the health of the elder people. With this program we treat diseases and disabilities in older adults. As mentioned before we not only care about your physical health by preventing possible diseases and disabilities but also their psychological and social needs. Our exceptional professional staff are trained to effectively care for the elders of their family’s needs.

Our pediatric program also provides the best Campbellsville counseling since it includes a comprehensive holistic pediatric care. First we promise our your kids will love coming to our clinic, since we offer a kid friendly waiting room. In this program we care for various acute and chronic conditions, as well as counselors who specialize in children who have experienced any type of trauma and other mental health conditions. We like to promote the kid to be emotional and physical needs, sans if they are healthy this promotes a better positive development. A healthy kid with a healthy mind is better at facing life challenges and even making good decisions not only for the future but for now.

Would like to know that you are having a great time at our clinic. Which is why we try to offer the best customer service that we can provide. In order for you to have a great experience and fast service as well as test results we have provided a full services laboratory through our quest diagnose the lab. We have included the HELOW app, which allows you to review your results after your provider reviews for lab results. This app will also let you review your entire medical records and future appointments.

If your interested in any of our services or want to read more about our company history, you can visit our website Have any questions or concerns you can also call our phone number one 270-789-0034. Our staff will be glad to answer any questions or concerns that you might have at the time.