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There are simply so many things to talk about when it comes to the reasons why we are the best care of all Campbellsville clinic. We offer a wide range of services and we are proud to say we except most insurance providers. Insurance providers we sent our TRICARE but not overseas TRICARE, most private health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. We strive to offer excellent service not only for the physical side of things but also for emotional and spiritual care.

At one cross medical we believe that it is imperative of any Campbellsville clinic that they offer holistic approaches to wellness as opposed to conventional medicine. It is important to use conventional medicine when people for various health conditions however our main concern is to give you truly excellent care. If you are looking for a company that you want to trust with your medical needs further than one cross medical. Of all the clinics in Campbellsville, we truly are the best of our clinic.

Now Campbellsville Clinic offer comprehensive holistic pediatric care as well as geriatric care we had a vaccine for kids program and then we also do work, school, and travel Exams. We are ready to help you today by working directly with CDC in recommending the most up-to-date travel advice that we can give you pretravel care will your countries. We work to make people eligible for vaccine that a greatly reduced the other way able to afford vaccines or whose insurance does not cover the cost of vaccines. We have children who are eligible for this program through Medicaid or through just walking tour clinics free of charge.

Now our geriatric care is truly something out of this world as our one cross clinics are providers with staff that are trained to handle the family’s needs for helping effectively care for an elder. We not only the physical needs of our elders but also for their psychological and social needs. It is the elders have special needs and the families who are related to them that we are helping in learning how to care for those aging parents and aging patients as well. It is by promoting health to prevent and treat diseases and in elder adults.

So whether it’s a family member or yourself is thinking radical service you can trust one cross medical for all of your healthcare website to learn more about how we can help you in your medical care. Remember we are truly offering great services here for all of our clients. You can talk to a health professional on the phone today is you dial 270-789-0034. Remember that is committed to excellence excellence in healthcare both to grow our community and to make sure we care taking care of our patients. You’ll be ecstatic that we are able to serve so many in the Campbellsville area. We strive to be involved in our community and to work with leaders across the country that offer services to better our patients

Campbellsville Clinic | Why People Choose Our Clinic

There are a multitude of reasons that people choose one cross medical for their Campbellsville clinic. We offer truly phenomenal medical service to any and all who walk in our doors. It is the goal of our clinic and we took stride and train our staff to offer a excellent service. There are a myriad of clinics out there however our clinic is the for anyone seeking excellent medical care clinic. You’ll be relieved to know that we are here by her side and we understand it is not just the physical side of human care we need to focus on that the spiritual and emotional as well. There are simply no words to describe how most clinics are focusing on algorithms and numbers instead of the people side of medical care. This is how one cross is different.

Campbellsville Clinic are ecstatic that we offer services in minor ambulatory procedures including minor lesion removal, minor laceration repair, incision and drainage of local skin abscesses as well as skin lesion biopsy. We strive to offer a variety of’s chronic disease management in care and our approach is an integrative approach to managing illnesses which include screens, checkups, monitoring and coronation treatment along with patient education. Digestive disorders, hypertension care, high cholesterol management are some of the chronic diseases we manage. And with our quest diagnostics lab they had an app where you can see your lab results immediately upon being reviewed by your healthcare professional now you can also see your entire medical record and future point. Just another step of excellence we use to help you in your medical.

We are the Campbellsville clinic that you should choose for all of your homeopathic consultations communicate in an elder of your family because when applicable for various health conditions we will offer holistic natural alternatives to conventional medicine. It doesn’t just stop with physical care we will offer emotional care as well to help us cope with the illnesses and diseases

When approach offered in our behavioral health services is our eye movement inflation and reprocessing now this method is important and maybe the most important that has emerged in decades in psychotherapy this process has successfully treated complex psychological illnesses and problems now it has treated anywhere from depression to phobias to recurrent nightmares. We are also using eye movement the position and reprocessing to help treat systematic stress disorder and long-standing grief in more than 1 million sufferers worldwide. We are one of the few clinics that have medical professionals who are trained in this type of treatment.

We appreciate that you have chosen to follow healthcare needs to get a hold of us go ahead and pick up your phone and dial 270-789-0034 today that we can speak with one of our representatives who are truly excited to help care for your medical needs today. You can visit our website to learn more about our services and procedures by going to today we are ready to serve you it is our dedication to the community and to our patients that we will offer the best medical care that we can provide.