Here at Campbellsville clinic, one Cross medical is here to help. We want to help provide excellent healthcare and shared the love of Jesus Christ with everyone who walks through the door. We want to be able to care for the whole person in all of their well-being. A large part of that is physical health, but also mental health. Were able to add a Christian counseling services. If it’s a mix of mental, physical, and emotional, they have a behavioral health services that can help start healthy behaviors and habits and be able to manage stress. So when I help everyone in need.

We offer a bunch different healthcare’s. Some of those healthcare’s are, family medical care, pediatrics, elderly care, acute care, clinical care, addiction and recovery care, weight loss, and woman’s health care, counseling, social work services, all areas of mental health, PTSD, anxiety, depression, counseling for individuals and family, and addiction and recovery, so much more. Campbellsville clinic wants to be able to touch everyone and help and give support. We offer so many different healthcare services, we want to be able to reach out to everyone.

We have a patient portal, that can directly help you go to your account. We help care for all your health needs help with your general health, pediatrics, gender attic care. And so much more. It worked directly with the CDC and recommending up-to-date travel advise and preach travel care to prevent illness. We offer pre-appointment exams travel exams, and even travel medications as recommended by the CDC. We have natural alternatives to conventional medicine for various health conditions. Those conditions could be diabetes, elevated cholesterol, depression, anxiety, health, insomnia, dementia, memory issues, as well as any protective health.

Campbellsville Clinic also offer as a part of her general health and full-service laboratory through Qwest diagnostic labs. In seal labs results immediately after your provider reviews your labs results on Iraq. This allows you to see your entire medical record and future appointments. Through the power Jesus Christ, we are able to be here today in order to help you. We will be able to help you in anything that you need. Whether it’s mental health, physical health, we want to be here for you. We offer an amazing peer support program. It is throughout the week, evenings, and that we kids. It is designed to help those who are struggling with addiction. We want to help you make a recovery, no matter how hard or easy it is.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, but you ready to schedule your visit, you can always contact us and their services online, on our website. I website is Of course you can always call us by her phone number. You can always see your next apptmoints on our app. Our phone number is (270)789-0034. We look forward to being able to share the power and love Jesus Christ while we help you with your medical needs.

Campbellsville Clinic | We cover all different types of health care!

Cambellsville clinic is the best One Cross Medical Clinic around. We are a Christian driven health facility. We want to help people all sharing the word of Jesus Christ. We went help serve underprivileged people with high quality healthcare. I healthcare’s offer so many people. We help family medical care, pediatrics, elderly, acute, chronic care, addiction recovery, women’s health, and so much more. We also believe in helping mental health.

Campbellsville clinic provides and help with all mental health, such as, PSD, counseling, social work, anxiety depression, individual and family counseling, addiction and recovery. We offer peer support and all health needs.Have a peer support program that is available to you throughout the week, the evenings, even on the weekends. These are for those who struggle with addiction and are trying to find recovery. We try to restore hope, holistic approach, and enhance healing. We offer holistic natural alternatives versus the conventional medicine and certain things. Such as, diabetes cholesterol, anxiety and depression.

We have for a full service labs. And on our one cross app; HEALOW, you can see your lab results immediately after the doctor has seen it. It’s on our app, you can see your entire medical record and schedule and see any and all future appointments. Our app is really cool, you can join a teller visits and book accounts consultation on it. Has easy check-in for your visit, be able to communicate with your provider, and get reminders. View your medications and request your refills. Helps you have access to your test results. Our patient portal is a secure convenient and easy way to access your health information, they are not on the phone for hours trying to get a hold of your doctor, instead, be able to communicate easier and more efficiently in order to get the help you need.

Campbellsville Clinic offer preemployment, travel exams, travel medications, all recommended by the CDC. We work directly with the CDC to recommend travel advice to help keep you safe. We have several different charitable events and even our own clinic you can donate at. We believe in giving healthcare to people in need of. And donations help with that. We’ve had a lot of people and companies donate to our vision. We want to help children learn the love of Jesus, and even how to love themselves. And help them so they know how to grow in our relationship with God. And learn life’s toughest issues and coping skills to overcome them.

If you have any questions comments, arson concerns, you’re always welcome to contact us anytime. Feel free to contact us by our website, I website is Of course, if you’d rather contact us by our phone number, or on our app, please feel free. Our phone number is 270-789-0034. In our app’s name is HEALOW. It’s on the play store for iPhone and android. Thank you and we look forward to meeting and helping you.