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Have you been looking for a new healthcare clinic, but didn’t know where to go to? Campbellsville Clinic in the best health clinic in the area, we offer a variety of different types of services. We have general health, geriatric care, pediatric care, and immunization. If you were even needing the mental health assessment, and addiction treatment, we also have those available for you as well.

I geriatric care focuses on the elderly. Some care facilities cannot put the needs of their geriatric patients first, but at Campbellsville Clinic, with you. We aim for promoting health by using preventative care. In which we diseases and disabilities and older adults. And I geriatric patients, we also accept their psychological needs, and also their social needs. All of our staff are in training to care for our geriatric patients effectively and also For their family’s needs effectively.

We also have a service called pediatric care. Pediatric here is holistic and comprehensive. We have a lot of services for our pediatrics. We have a kid-friendly waiting room that will keep your child calm. Campbellsville Clinic has cared for various types of chronic illnesses in pediatric patients… We also have special counsel to specialize in working with children. We work with have experienced Ottomans was trauma and many mental health conditions. While we are hearing for their physical needs, we are also caring for their emotional needs.

We also offer immunizations. In our immunization program, we offer federally funded immunizations for no cost to children who will be vaccinated for their lack of ability to pay. We believe that all children should be vaccinated, and it shouldn’t come at a price. We believe in holistic and compassionate care. We also have a work school and traveled to exams. Our one cross offers pre-employment exams for some medical conditions that prevent you from traveling to other countries. We also specialize in minor lesion removal, minor laceration repair, incision and drainage of a local skin abscess, and skin lesion biopsy. We also offer a full-service laboratory. In the lab results immediately after I something called the HELLOW app. Ms. Appalachian sees your entire medical record and also your future appointments.

We also take most insurance plans, we take Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance plans, and Tricare. Maybe you know somebody needs mental health assessment, we have our specialist in our clinics that offer many approaches to prevent and manage stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions we also have addiction treatment. Our Campbellsville Clinic has a strong desire to restore hope and healing families and our communities and has been affected by addiction. We offer four. Before the clients suffering from addiction. If you would like to contact us with our website, or you can call us at 270-789-0097. We hope that you take the time to reach out to us, we’re looking forward to your call, we know we can help you reach the next level of health you are looking for.

Campbellsville Clinic | Various Services To Offer

How you looking for a new clinic, but you know what to go? Did you last night not effectively take care of all your needs? Maybe you are tired of having doctors not care about your well-being. At Campbellsville Clinic, we make it our mission to make all their patients feel that truly cares about them and their well-being. At our Campbellsville Clinic, we offer a variety of different services to all of our patients. We offer geriatric care, pediatric care, immunizations, homeopathy consultations, chronic disease management, labs, and so much more.

Maybe you have had a parent or family member not care what geriatric care in the past. Maybe your geriatric family member felt neglected in the past. At Campbellsville Clinic, we focus on the Clare Brierley. He makes them feel as important as they are. We aim at promoting health by using preventative care and treating diseases and various forms of disabilities. When elements are for the physical needs of our geriatric patients, but we also care for the mental needs of patients. We make sure that their psychological needs and social needs are always met. Our staff is venturing to effectively care for elderly members, and members.

We also have pediatric care. In our pediatric care, we have comprehensive, holistic pediatric care. We made sure that our waiting room is very kid-friendly. We can for various kinds of acute chronic conditions in children. We made sure that we have counsel to specialize in children who have experienced different one trauma, and other mental health conditions. We can’t fix their physical needs, but we do not neglect their emotional needs well. We want to mention everything the kids were healthy, emotionally and physically fit. We know that their lives change in the daycare that they need. We want to make sure that with the actual human being with positive self-esteem.

We also do immunizations. This vaccine program is federally funded, it provides vaccine to no cost for children who might not have otherwise been vaccinated. Children learn this program will receive the vaccine for free or a greatly reduced price. We also have work, school, and traveling the program. We at Campbellsville Clinic work directly with the CDC in recommending up-to-date travel advice. We also offer a minor ambulatory procedure. We offer minor lesion removal, minor laceration repair, incision and drainage of local inhabitants, skinless lesion biopsies. We also offer a full-service laboratory at Campbellsville Clinic. You can see your lab results immediately if you use an app called HELLOW.

At this point you my best and how do I reach Campbellsville Clinic? You can business on our website at When you go to a website you can read all of the various abuse that we have had from past patients. You can also call us at 270-789-0034. Within various insurance plans, including Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance plans, and tri-care. We hope that she was your family will find comfort in our Campbellsville Clinic, we know that we can give you the exceptional parent that you and your family deserve.