The founder of One Cross Medical created the clinic in order to be the best Campbellsville Clinic that will focus on the improvement of families health. We have the mission to provide excellent general care to all of her patients while also sharing the love of Jesus. What makes us so unique is that we really have the goal to help our community be the best one in Kentucky. These can be able to happen thanks to the fact that we offer services that focus on family medical care, diabetes care, mental health, and addiction recovery.

We promise to give you the best attention that will focus on providing the best healthcare system that a Campbellsville Clinic can offer. Compared to other clinics in the area we accept almost every type of insurance, such as Medicaid, Medicare, most private insurance plans, and tree care. We promise to take excellent care of every customer that walks through our door so that whenever they leave they will feel a lot better and happy that they were provided an excellent treatment. We are very proud of our program that focuses on vaccinating every kid in our community, so that the family can stay up today with their backs. Our vaccine for kids program is able to give your children all the vaccines that they need before traveling or going to school. You’re also going to be able to get it for free if you have an insurance that covers vaccines; however, if you are going to make an out-of-pocket payment or your insurance does not cover vaccines, you will be able to get a very low price so you don’t have to worry about it.

One Cross Medical is the best Campbellsville Clinic that offers the best general health and geriatric care that focuses on the healthcare of elderly people so that they can achieve a great physical and mental well-being. We always tend to prevent any bad diseases that elderly people may show, as well as the disabilities. We are going to be able to provide all families who have aging members great information for them to take good care of them as we have a well-trained staff that will focus on fixing every family’s need.

Because we want to make sure that our community is filled with happy people who are mentally and physically in good shape, we also offer a service for behavioral health and addiction treatment. These services focus on the improvement of every single individual in our community that may need help in order to improve their lifestyle. If we are treating a patient who is struggling with the diction, we will make sure to provide the family all the support that they need with our services.

If you want to contact us you can call us at our phone number 270-789-0034 on Monday from 830 to 6 PM and from Tuesday to Friday from 830 to 5 PM. One Cross Medical always makes sure to be there for everyone who needs it 24/7, this is the reason why we created a portal in our website where the patient can be in contact with any of our professionals in case I need something.

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At One Cross Medical you are going to be able to see that we are the only Campbellsville Clinic who offers healing through hope and holistic compassionate care. Ever since 2015, we have been opened to the public of Campbellsville, Kentucky with the mission to provide an excellent attention to every family with our exceptional general healthcare that focuses on every single member of your family. For this reason we have the option to accept every single insurance that you may have, from Medicare and Medicaid to every private insurance plans, making no-brainers decision for all the families in the Campbellsville area to choose us as their clinic.

Many of our patients at our Campbellsville Clinic consider us to take great care of their aging family members because we approached their aging problems with all the love and attention that they need. We are also able to teach families who take care of their elders’ special need how to take care of them in an efficient way. One Cross Medical has a well-trained staff that can take care of any needs that your family may present.

One Cross Medical is considered to be a great Campbellsville Clinic because of the type of programs that we offer. We have a child that vaccination program that focuses on giving every single kid in our community there vaccine so that their family can stay up-to-date with them. We are going to be able to give them to your family either for free or with a very low price. This is because we can work with almost every insurance carrier or we are able to see what is the financial situation of the family and accommodate the price that best fit them.

Unfortunately, and substance abuse is a very serious problem in the US. This is the reason why we offer our community a great addiction treatment that has a peer support group every day for those who are struggling with addiction. We are also able to take full care and support the patient’s family through those very difficult times. We also have a program specialized in taking care of our patients mental health issues, in order to improve their lifestyle.

Make sure you contact us at our number 270-789-0034 in order to be able to find out more information about our services and programs that are focused on the families well-being. You can contact us Monday through Friday from 8:35 PM. We also have a portal in our website that will be able to offer you a 24/7 assistance that is going to be focused on fixing any problem that you or your family may have. If you suffer from any mental health issues like anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression, or you are a struggling attic, you can contact us and schedule your first mental health and addiction treatment so that you will be able to leave a great life. We promise to take great care of you while also sharing the love of Jesus.