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Our Campbellsville clinic offers a grear holistic appoach, enhance your healing while restoring our client’s hope. Clinic was made with a plan to put in my heart that medical care area was lacking something. Our clinic is made to provide an excellent healthcare while we shared the love of Jesus Christ with everyone who comes in. We have noticed in the medical care field, is that when it comes to clinics people are more interested in how much money they’re going to make from an appointment or from an individual more than their well-being. After eight years of you after a period of time of fasting and praying I finally found an organization the outlying two by calling and what I was feeling. Christian community health Fellowship show me that they care for under resourced people and their well-being.

Campbellsville clinic has the compromised to shared the gospel of Christ while we take take charge of the medical care of work. The clinic we know that God has a plan for everything, that is why he trained me so that I could work to ensure the well-being of the poor and the community of Campbellsville clinic. In order to create the best clinic and that will offer the best services, we started looking for people who will outline to our vision and so that we can share the same passion and love not only for Christ but to share the gospel with people who believe that the most. In our clinic we believe that our well-being it is as important as our healthcare.

The way our professionals starting to train yourself, was through annual conferences and starting to connect with those people who uphold the same vision that they did. The characteristics that we need for people to have an hour clinic, is simply to align to God’s plan so that we can have the same calling to have compassion for the broken ones. Our vision is 100% imposed by Christ to reach those who know only need medical care, but also knew God as their Lord and Savior. Our goal as a clinic is to provide an excellent medical attention to all the ones who sacrifice their life to serve God.

The empowering church health outreach helped us to establish the structure off the clinic that now it is known as One Cross Medical Clinic. the group is always going to have difficulties, which is why whenever we started to having problems while we were opening were trying to open our clinic we knew that this was going to be a great plan and that I was going to do so much more with us. Everyone that works in our clinic has to and passion not only for God, but also to help those who need to hear from him. We tried our every of our staff alliance to the vision that God has given.

If you want to know more information about our clinic and on ways to help those who need it the most. You can visit our website, we would have extra information of our staff and more about how it started. If you also want to visit ours and want to make any appointments or just have any questions or concerns, you can call her phone number 270-789-0034.

Campbellsville Clinic

If you’re looking for the best health care, visit our Campbellsville clinic. Our company looks and not only for a person’s health but we also care if you have Jesus in your heart. The story of our company began when God placed the vision in our founders had to not only take care of the medical care of people but also how close they are to Jesus Christ calling in their life. We want to be able to give an excellent general health while serving in sharing the love of God. After analyzing the necessities of Campbellsville, we have included Christian counseling since mental health is one of the most important topics around the world. In our clinic we want to take care all the people as a whole, so that they can have it emotional and stable well-being.

Taking care of your health and your body is as important as taking care of your emotional well-being, which is why Campbellsville clinic offers the best treatments to take care of both. Many of the times citizens that we produce, come from a bottle hot states, mental health and habits that are not healthy on the long run. Our services will not only help you to have to take care of your medical but also to create great behaviors and habits to manage stress. We also manage any type of the conditions that added addiction and that will influence in about way your mental health. We offer medical treatments, that will be part of primary care.

Currently, at Campbellsville clinic, we offer two types of services which are family medical care. And mental health and addiction recovery. Currently we have six of scarce which includes general health care, geriatric care, pediatrics, immunizations, work, travel exams, homeopathy consultations, minor ambulatory procedures, chronic disease management and labs. All of the services are created in order so that every family that is visiting One Cross Medical Clinic, receives the best of the care. We want to bring an exceptional service to every customer, since offering an excellent one of our values.

On the other hand we have the mental health and addiction recovery. This is what we have been called, more than just taking care of your medical care we want you to be mentally estable to leave a long lasting and happy life. Some of the way some of the treatments that we offer in order to provide a better mental health is behaviorally health, addiction treatment and celebrate recovery. We understand how difficult can be to struggle with addiction, in our clinic we want every patient to feel supported and that they are not as allowed.

If you have any questions or concerns you can call our phone number 270-789-0034. And if you want to schedule your next visit you can also visit our website Will be glad to be part of your journey whether you’re struggling, which is checking up your mental and physical health. Will be glad to see you. Will!