It is time to share the story of how one cross the medical became the best Campbellsville clinic. That story starting 2000 after many years of working as a nurse practitioner. It was in my heart that God began to stir that there is something missing in the care that was given in the place that I worked. There was a greater emphasis really on algorithms and on the numbers instead of the individual person. I knew that there was a plan for me to work and that was towards a better care for all and vigils in my community. One cross medical is the best Campbellsville clinic and that is because we are working to uphold the vision of the Christ urban, compassion, Gospel settled healthcare. We are ready to help the broken and hurting. Then there is just one problem that clinic had to be created by me there wasn’t one out there.

I was given the order should proceed with the vision and their prayers and again prayers and lengthy discussions in 2014 is when I was given the timetable. It was 20 15th went through many trials I was able to open up one cross medical clinic actually is generally seven 2015. And we are now committed to serving all of the Campbellsville area now that we have a clinic to do so. You will not be disappointed by coming to our clinic and bring your family as we seek to care for the entire family the entire community and we just focus on holistic approaches instead of just conventional health ideas. You will get helping your spiritual, emotional, and physical health. We don’t just focus on when here we focus on all the areas.

And it is my genuine belief that God will do exceedingly abundant and great work in the coming years and that is with one cross clinic as we continue to care for the community of Campbellsville and continue to be the best Campbellsville clinic.

Now our services included vaccine for kids program this is where even if those him who are self paying or have insurance that does not include vaccines can and are eligible for a greatly reduced rate for vaccines. We also allow kids to walk into our clinic free of charge and and often immigrant free or greatly reduced rate for vaccines the vaccines they need to come back illnesses. Speaking of commanding illnesses we know and believe care one cross that it is through healthy, physical, emotionally, and spiritually fit lives that her kids are better able to combat everything like us there at them.

Come join our clinic today and discover medical is the best value for your family are going offer excellent service and you will be genuinely appreciative that you have someone there by your side to go through some of life at this moment we are approaching with a holistic approach that will give you options to choose the best care for your family go ahead and go to our website today and give us a call at which is 270-789-0034 and we are ready to serve you today.

Best Campbellsville Clinic | The Top Choice For Premier Service

There are many ways that we get one cross had become the best Campbellsville clinic. One of the ways by the dynamic range of services that we offer and that fact that we strive to offer excellent medical care for everyone coming toward us. We had a vaccine for kids program that allows kids walk into a clinic for free get vaccines that they otherwise may not have been able to because they were unable to afford it for those who self pay or don’t have intrinsic covers vaccines coffee vaccines that greatly reduce prices because we believe that it is more important to focus on helping the community then and numbers that most medical clinics want to focus on.

The second way that we had become the best Campbellsville clinic is by striving to offer a dynamic range of services that help our community. The level of excellence that we seek to apply to each and every patient and patient members family is a level that the community has responded with ever sounding encouragement. From the geriatric care which we used to focus on the care of elderly people in which we use a holistic approach is great because we help with the coping of effects of aging. One cross clinic providers and staff are training to fix would care for an elder in the family we do not only care for the physical needs but the elders that we care for are also being helped with their social needs as well as their psychological needs.

Part part of being in the best Campbellsville clinic is that we are cutting costs the most with a wide variety of insurance plans that we accept which include Medicaid, this private insurance plans, Medicare and TRICARE except for TRICARE overseas. We do not accept TRICARE overseas. With work, school, and how exams one cross can offer you preemployment exams and we work directly with the CDC weight we are getting pre-travel care to prevent illness during travel set of countries we always sing up-to-date with the best travel advice.

Our holistic natural alternatives to conventional medicine are for various health conditions and can be applied as such these conditions other memory issues and dementia as well as preventative health. We are looking forward to serving you are one cross health clinic Campbellsville.

Quest diagnostics lab as well as our HELOW app allows you to see not only your future appointments and your entire medical record but the lab results that are posted immediately upon your provider reviewing them. And this is just part of our general health services that we offer which is a full-service laboratory. To go ahead and connect with our team because we truly offer great service and healthcare. Pick up the phone and dial 270-789-0034 to speak with one of our medical professionals that are ready to you today. You can learn more about where to find it and more about the services that we offer by the one and you will be glad to thank you for your time in your health.